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Corporate & Citizen Social Responsibility (CCSR) | Sustainable development | SDG | ESG| SROI

CSR involves integrating ethical and responsible commitment in organizations beyond strict legal compliance. It is taking responsibility for the impact of its operations on society and the environment to maximize the positives and neutralize / minimize the negatives. CSR is based on business ethics and its purpose is to achieve economic, social, environmental, and cultural sustainability.

Segundo Mundo RSCC understands that Corporate Social Responsibility is intrinsically linked to responsibility as citizens and that is why it has created the acronym RSCC (Corporate and Citizen Social Responsibility).

Operational Consulting

We guide you so that your CSR and Sustainable Tourism oriented management, generates a greater positive impact on people, business, the community and the environment.

CSR Strategy and/or Sustainable Tourism

We help you achieve the objectives of Sustainable Tourism in accordance with your business strategy and with the leading certifications and standards. We turn CSR into a generator of brand, economic, social and environmental profitability.


We offer courses and workshops in different formats and methodologies to ensure the success of the implementation of CSR and sustainable tourism systems.
We are master’s degrees professors of tourism and hospitality management in several universities.


Professionalism and Commitment

Segundo Mundo RSCC is a consulting firm on Sustainable Development, Corporate & Citizen Social Responsibility that accompanies you in a professional and personalized way to generate positive impact on your business, society and the environment

“Thanks to the collaboration with Segundo Mundo RSCC we have discovered the importance of valuing Corporate Social Responsibility, the DNA of Guitart Hotels.

It has been a great pleasure to work with Pili Malagarriga, a great interlocutor in business and social projects. Thanks to assessing the importance of CSR, in January 2019 we received from CaixaBank Hotels & Tourism the award for the best hotel with Corporate Social Responsibility. Pili has discovered a new world for us that we will continue exploring.”

Cristina Cabañas
Guitart Hotels President

“Since 2014 we have collaborated with Segundo Mundo through Pili Malagarriga in different projects that we have at the hotel. Working with Pili is a luxury and a real pleasure. She is absolutely knowledgeable about the CSR sector. She understands the challenges that the company faces on a daily basis and helps us with its experience and ideas to achieve our Sustainability objectives; always innovating and surprising.”

Santiago Hernández
General Manager of Princess Hotels in Barcelona

“With Segundo Mundo RSCC training you have a very broad vision of CSR and sustainable tourism since many companies in the sector participate and share how they develop it; it’s all very practical. There are many synergies between the participants and it is very positive since each one exposes his vision and the actions that one has put into operation in their organization, thus, among all of us, we nurture ourselves. It is a networking point with other entities that is also very positive. In addition, Pili Malagarriga is a very proactive person, she makes you live the class and that the hours fly by!!

Marta Frigola, HR Development Manager
H10 Hoteles

“Pili Malagarriga has helped us explain to our teams the importance and significance of the impacts that our activity has on society and the relevance of measuring, quantifying and reasoning them as part of our own work processes and not only as activities of philanthropy. She has known how to communicate, reach the teams and all their members and transmit the intended message.”

Jordi Batista
Corporate HR Manager Catalonia Hotels & Resorts

“Collaborating with Segundo Mundo has reinforced CSR in Sercotel Hotel Group. The orientation towards sustainable tourism that Pili Malagarriga has given us, has been achieved with a strategic company line under the heading RSC365. Taking a new CSR brand identity linked to all departments and areas of action, prioritizing the well-being of people, betting on sustainable tourism and believing in clear values.”

sonia agudo

Sonia Agudo.
Quality, Product & CSR Manager of Sercotel Hotel Group

“I have had the opportunity to meet Segundo Mundo and Pili Malagarriga in a meeting with neighborhood entities and I was surprised by her ability to explain the complexity of tourism in different settings. Subsequently, Pili has helped us in different projects to support the Barcelona Sustainable Tourism Program. Apart from being a great expert of the CSR sector, I believe that her ability to act as an interlocutor between business and social projects is remarkable.”

Albert de Gregorio
Turismo de Barcelona Deputy Manager

“Segundo Mundo, led by Pili Malagarriga, is responsible for the germ of the RSCC Magma Inspira project. Pili made us understand the insights of social responsibility and how to apply them in a professional way, from why to how Segundo Mundo collaborated with Magma in the creation of the contest rules, in the call of initiatives and in the selection of the best proposal. We could not have been accompanied by better knowledge. Magma Inspira, today collaborates with Fundesplai in offering vacations to families at risk of social exclusion and with limited resources.”

Bruno Hallé
Managing Partner Magma HC Consulting

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