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Segundo Mundo RSCC held the session on responsible tourism at IESE and has prepared for its Center for Business in Society the technical note “Responsible and Sustainable Tourism.” It is currently in the design and research phase for the formulation of a CSR business case in the hotel sector.

We collaborate with the CETT-UB, Campus of Tourism, Hospitality, and Gastronomy as teachers in the subject of CSR in Tourism in the Tourism Business Management Master (Sustainability and Quality Management) and the Hospitality Management Master.

CSR teachers in the hotel sector in the Master in Hospitality Management of the University School of Tourism and Hospitality Management of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona within the subject of strategic planning.

Teachers of the Business Ethics, CSR, and Sustainability subject in the “Master in Hospitality Management” and “Master in Business and Events Management”.

We teach the subject of CSR in the field of HR in the Master in Administration and Management of Tourist Accommodation.

We participate with Bspark, the Values-led Leadership Academy, as teachers of the subject of proactive ethics for the development of ethical leaders capable of influencing others and organizations.


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